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Why Should You Spruce UP Your Office With Skilcraft Office Furniture?

Furniture’s are an essential aspect of a home or corporate office. Choosing the right office furniture is equally important as putting effort in finding the right office location or space. Apart from the right design of the furniture, there are certain aspects that need to be borne in mind before zeroing upon some of them. Choosing furniture need not have to be a difficult task. All you got to do is consider the following factors while choosing office furniture. Have a look:

Comfort: While choosing office furniture, it is important to give ample consideration to comfort of employees. Office desks and chairs should have a design that offers comfortable sitting so that employees enjoy a relaxing time as they work.
The Position of the Employee in the Company: The job title can be a great determining factor when choosing furniture for your office. The options might vary from choosing furniture for a general employee, IT professional or for an employee holding managerial position. Depending on each employees profile and job requirement suitable office furniture should be purchased.
Aesthetic Look and Feel: Contemporary and modern designed furniture’s can add to the aesthetic appeal of your office. A good set of furniture can offer the perfect look to your office in a way that will impress your potential clients when they visit your office. In a nutshell, the office furniture you purchase should replicate the company’s culture and brand image.

Space Availability: It is important to purchase office furniture depending upon the available office space. Prior to purchasing furniture for your office, make sure to measure the size of the office so as to determine the allocation of space for every piece of furniture purchased. This will help you to avoid the possibility of buying either too large or small for the space.
Cost: The cost of the furniture is an important factor that needs to be given due consideration. It is important to select furniture’s that not just falls within your budget but should also be of premium quality. Purchasing furniture’s from reputed brands such as Skilcraft can afford you with both quality as well as affordability.
So, purchase Skilcraft Office Furniture from retail or online outlets to spruce up your office.

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Reasons Why You Should Buy Office Stationery Online?

Office stationery items are most important accessories for significant office operations. In fact, every workplace requires the availability of various stationery items with very important role in carrying out some very crucial work-space functions in the most efficient way. As a business owner, you must assess and learn about the most frequently used stationery items in work-spaces. Apparently, you would like to stock up your office with these items from a reliable office stationery supplier. When looking to buy stationery items, make sure that they’re best fit for the job and are of right quality and comfort you wish for.


However, finding the right supplier that can fulfill all your office procurement needs whilst ensure highest quality standard at affordable prices can be hard to come by. With ibsupply as your supplier of office products, you can set your worries apart as you will be able to seek assistance from dedicated account managers who will understand your needs and offer the best possible solution as per your specific office needs. From basic items such as pen, pencil, highlighters etc, to more complex items such as computers, projectors, and binding machine, you will be able to avail everything you need at the most competitive prices.

Here are some reasons why Buying Office Stationery Online could be the best bet for your business:

•    Discounted as well as Reasonable deals: Apart from occasional deals and discounts, online retailers offer products at reasonable rates as compared to their brick and mortar counterparts that can reduce your overall expense.
•    A range of products to choose from: The best thing about shopping online is that you can look forward to wide range of products that can satiate all your office needs.

•    Convenient Shopping: Online office supply stores provide you with the facility of placing orders at any point of time (day or night). You can also make easy payment through net banking or credit cards. You can figure out the online experiences of other customers by reading customer feedback’s and reviews.

With all that said, you are all set to Buy Office Stationery Online, which in turn can provide you with significant cost savings while improve the efficiency and productivity of your office.

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Restock Your Office with Discount Office Supplies to Ensure Smooth Functioning of Your Business Expenses

Office supplies are one of the most essential elements required for the efficient functioning of your corporate or home office. From binders, calendars, desk accessories and organizers, to envelopes, file folders, cutting and measuring devices there is a wide range of office supplies that can keep your business operations running smoothly. However, it is equally important to keep your office stocked up with essential office supplies so as to avoid shortage or scarcity.

Given the significance of these office products, you need to engage with a retailer who can furnish your office with essential office supplies every time you feel the need to restock your office. You may choose to visit your local office supply store or an online store to make your purchase. However, if you are seeking significant cost benefits apart from quality then it would be prudent to visit an online store. You get to avail Discount Office Supplies if you decide to take your search for essential office supplies online.
Whether you wish to purchase Office Supplies in bulk or individual pieces, you are sure to make significant cost-savings apart from other advantages including the following:

  • Wide Assortment of Products: When you take your search for office supplies online, you have the option to choose from a wide array of products displayed at the online storefront. These products are categorized on the basis of brand, price range, and several other specifications.
  • Easily Accessible: To purchase office supplies from an online supply store all you need is a computer with an internet connection. You can shop from the comfort of your home or office at any hour of the day and from any corner of the globe. You will have your products delivered right at your doorsteps.
  • Saves Time: When you take your purchase of discount office supplies online, you save yourself considerable amount of time, as well as energy. As an entrepreneur nothing is more precious than ‘Time’. You can utilize this time in improving core activities of your business.
  • Price comparisons: Online shopping allows easy Comparison and research of products and their prices. Additionally, you can share or read reviews and information shared by other buyers about their past experience with a particular product or retailer.

With the aforesaid points in mind, you can go ahead and shop Discount Office Supplies generously from an online supply store.   

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Spruce Up Your Office with Skilcraft Office Furniture to Augment Efficiency and Productivity

The workplace where you employees spend major part of their day should be as conducive as possible. This is practically important to augment efficiency, as well as productivity. To get a well-designed office that is both functional and comfortable, you need to outfit it with modern office furniture. Moreover, with posture and muscle strain becoming an important health issue for people spending long hours at work, the significance of modern and ergonomically designed office furniture cannot be overlooked.

So, whether you’re looking to furnish your existing work space, or renovate your new office with modern office furniture, there is no dearth of retailers offering quality furniture. So, if quality is a concern with you, then skilcraft office furniture should be your best bet. Collated below are some helpful tips that will help you select the right kind of office furniture for your office set-up:  

•    Quality:  Besides offering relaxation and comfort, good office furniture should be sturdy and long lasting.  In other words, the furniture’s you select for your office should be able to sustain the stress of constant use.
•    Comfort: If the furniture in your office isn’t comfortable, it can take a toll on the health of your employees. By opting for ergonomically designed furniture’s, you will be able to provide your employees with a comfortable and stress free work environment. This will alleviate health issues such as lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, fatigue etc which your employees would otherwise suffer from.
•    Aesthetically Pleasing: It is important to choose furniture’s that are not just simple, sleek and easy to maintain but can transform an otherwise dull and uninviting room into a lively and energetic space. This will cast the right impression on visitors or prospective clients, who will be more than convinced to do business with you.

•    Right Supplier: Apart from the aforesaid factors, the final nail in the coffin would be to select the right retailer for all your office furniture needs.  A well-known supplier, who has a proven track-record of offering high-quality products, should be looked out for.  Moreover, he/she should be able to align with your specific demands and standards. You can zero-in upon the right service provider by doing ample online research and reading customer reviews.  This would allow you to filter out reputed retailers from the novice.

So, if you wish to purchase furniture’s that offer the aforesaid benefits then Skilcraft Office Furniture should be your best bet.

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Invest in High Quality Skilcraft Office Furniture to Augment the Productivity of Your Business

Is augmenting productivity one of your core business objectives? It certainly should be a sure shot yes.  In that case, improving upon your organization’s workplace ergonomics should be right on the top of your to-do list. So, when we talk about ergonomics, office furniture plays a significant role. Essential for ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of an office set-up, office furniture’s make your office functional, as well as comfortable.

Every piece of furniture that you purchase for your office plays a vital role in boosting the overall productivity of your business. Today, nearly all business set-ups are trying to provide a complete makeover to their boring office ergonomics by replacing old outdated furniture with branded and stylish office furniture’s. So, if you too are looking for stylish office furniture’s for your office set-up, skillcraft furniture might turn out to be an ideal choice.
Available in wide range of style and design, skillcraft furniture’s can make your office space all the more comfortable, pleasant and attractive. Read on to comprehend the benefits of having an office set-up that is furnished with modern office furniture.

•    Augmented Productivity: Stylish and new office furniture’s can create a pleasant environment that will uplift the mood of employees. This in turn will augment their efficiency resulting in better productivity.

•    Fatigue reduction: An office equipped with right kind of office furniture allows employees to work for long hours with getting tired. Well-designed furniture’s can change the overall look and feel of your office thereby breaking the monotony around.

•    Safety: Updating your office with new Skillcraft Office Furniture can ensure better safety of essential things such as confidential documents, records and files. Consequently, the chance of theft, as well as risk of damage from fire, water and rodents decreases considerably.

•    Image: Smart office furniture creates a positive impact on the visitors. By creating a professional image, you would be able to attract clients looking for a well-maintained set-up.
While furnishing your office space with stylish office furniture can add to the look and feel of your office, make sure you don’t overdo it with unnecessary furniture to avoid clutter. You can instead invest in high-quality Skilcraft furniture to augment efficiency and productivity.

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Cooperative Agreement Between AbilityOne Commission & Central Non-Profit Agencies

Being the transformational initiative that it is, AbilityOne is today’s biggest source of employment for people who are blind and physically disabled. The Commission procures products & services made by them for the Federal government.  The AbilityOne Program (previously known as The Javits-Wagner-O’Day or JWOD Program) is mandated to award contracts (federal) so that the disabled receive job and training opportunities through the manufacturing of JWOD office supplies, clothing, vehicular equipment, medical supplies, etc. In 2015, these contracts amounted to $2.8 billion.

Recently in early May 2016, the U.S. AbilityOne Commission joined hands with the Central Non-profit Agencies (CNAs) to enter a cooperative agreement. This is a transformational initiative that formalizes business relationships between the CNAs and the Commission. It established a Cooperative Agreement foundation for public purpose and with significant government involvement. The main objectives of this scheme is to use principles of agreements and contracts to:

  • Incentivize outstanding performance
  • Drive more accountability
  • Optimize the outcome of the AbilityOne Program

The Mutual Benefits Received from the Agreement

The benefits of the cooperative agreement approach will be reaped by the AbilityOne Commission, Central Non-profit Agencies and other Non-profit Agencies (NPAs). It will help in the following ways –

  • Meeting Congressional Mandate
  • Enhancing the JWOD or AbilityOne Program
  • Building stronger public cases for accountability
  • Improving transparency and the line of sight of the stakeholders
  • Defining value added services given for the fee
  • Strengthening relationships with Administration, NPAs, Congress and the community for disability
  • Strengthening of bond with the Board and local communities for the NPAs
  • Driving better results for the people served


 Major Elements of the Cooperative Agreement

  1. Performance-based Work Statement

 The objective is to build the governing relationship between the CNA and the Commission by expressing its demands in the form of a minimum quality standard that must be met. Its Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan identifies the ways and methods the Commission would use to ensure that the CNAs meet the minimum performance standards set by the PWS.

Key Performance Indicators include:

  • Employment Growth
  • Program Administration, Integrity and Oversight
  • NPA Support, Assistance, and Development
  • Strategic Communications and Training
  1. Rewards

Rewards will be given for performing above the bare minimum standards via the Award Fee process. CNAs will be asked to provide fee proposals post the contract being signed. They will collect the fees from NPAs to establish an exclusive account for Award Fee portion. This will result in higher accountability and better performance.

AbilityOne has always and will continue to work for the benefit of the specially challenged and blind. If you wish to promote the initiative and buy JWOD office supplies.

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Reasons to Buy Remanufactured Toner Cartridge for Printers

What is the buzz about recycled printer cartridges? Why are remanufactured toner cartridges so popular? Let us find out the benefits of remanufactured toner cartridges.

Remanufactured toner cartridges are the cartridges recycled and made from empty toner cartridges after inspecting, disassembling, cleaning, re-assembling and refilling the cartridges. They are also tested to provide optimal performance and re-sold at prices lower than fresh cartridges.

Remanufactured printer cartridges (both containing ink and toner) are a great way to save money, create attractive print-outs and protect our environment. These cartridges make use of the shells of used cartridges, are refilled and sold for maximum quality, performance, cost effectiveness and lower environmental footprint.

Buy SKILCRAFT tonerAdvantages to the Environment

Did you know one pound toner needs 5 to 7 pounds of rawmaterial? Manufacturing one cartridge can consume three quarts of oil. Inkjet cartridges that are usually smaller than the laser toner cartridges can contribute garbage of 75,000 tons to the waste stream on a yearly basis. You should use remanufactured toner cartridges, instead of buying new ones. For instance, you can Buy SKILCRAFT toner to help decrease such environmental impacts.

Same Quality of Output

When refilled or remanufactured toner cartridges were initially introduced in the market in the 80’s, the quality was considerably lower than the new cartridges. However, over the decades the industry of cartridge remanufacturing and recycling has improved manifold. The procedures have evolved from the basic ‘drill & fill’ toner cartridges in the past. Today, a high-quality cartridge can produce the same output that is fundamentally identical to a freshly produced cartridge with the same life.

Reduced Cost

Recycled cartridges are significantly less expensive than fresh and original manufacturer-branded toner cartridges. While the amount may vary, remanufactured printer cartridges guarantee savings. By buying remanufactured toner cartridges that offer results similar to new cartridges from manufacturers, the cost may decrease by up to 50 per cent. You can further save more money by reselling your used cartridges to the next company that will pay for them.