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Make the Most of Your Money by Purchasing Office Supplies and Equipment’s from an Online Store

Whether you’re a home-based entrepreneur or run a large scale corporation with large number of employees, you simply cannot operate without necessary office supplies and equipment’s such as printers, scanners, fax machines, office furniture’s, and much more. No matter what kind of office supplies you require, the best way to get the most of your money is to buy high quality office products from online stores.

Make the Most of Your Money by Purchasing Office Supplies and Equipment_s from an Online Store
By ensuring regular supply of essential office materials, you can go a long way toward running a successful, and a profitable company. There are several reasons as to why you should consider buying your office supplies from an online store as opposed to at your local office supply store.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Often shopping online is cheaper than buying in store. Moreover, purchasing through a group purchasing organization can provide you with additional cost savings. You can also take advantage of clearance sale offered by the online store.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Buying online means comfort and convenience of working from home or office. All you require is a computer with an internet connection and you can purchase your desired products just with the few clicks of a mouse.
  • Wide array of products to choose from: One of the biggest benefits of buying your equipment online is because you will enjoy a better variety. As compared to buying from a local store where you may have to visit a number of office supply stores before finding the right product, you have the option to choose from a wide assortment of products available under the same roof.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprints: By purchasing from an online store, you give your own contribution of protecting the planet by reducing the number of commutes that is related to procuring your products. Instead of making frequent trips back and forth to the local store, you may avail your products in one delivery made by the online store. This in turn will save you time, as well as fuel.

These are some of the important reasons why you should consider purchasing all or some of your Office Supplies Online.

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Purchase Discount Office Supplies to Stock up Your Office

Office supplies and equipment’s are products that are regularly used in offices for smooth and efficient functioning of business processes. Essential office supplies include everything from stationery items, organization tools, to ink and toner cartridges to ensure productivity and efficiency. So, whether you wish to stock up your entire office or just looking for some specific key supplies, buying discount office supplies from an online store is the right way to go.


Having office supplies delivered directly to your business location offers plethora of benefits:

Products that are high on Quality: When you buy from a reputed online supply store, quality is guaranteed. This is because these stores source durable materials with premium features after undergoing rigorous tests.
Productivity: If you send your valuable employees out of the office for purchasing office supplies, they will not be left with sufficient time to perform the key functions that they have been hired for. Purchasing your office supplies from a reliable online supply store will save time and allow your employees to focus on their respective tasks.

Cost-savings: One of the most significant benefits of purchasing from an online store is the cost savings you tend to make. Since, online retailers do not have to bear any overhead cost, the savings they tend to make is passed on to the buyers in form of deals and discounts.

Wide Selection of Products:  The best part of buying online is that you get to select from a wide range of products that are categorized on several parameters including brand, price, color etc. If you do not get your desired product from a particular store, you can immediately move to another store with few clicks of your mouse.
Comfort and Convenience: It goes without saying that buying from an online store saves you the hassle of visiting a regular Office Supply Store. Just with the few clicks of a mouse, you can shop your desired products that are delivered right at your doorsteps.
Easy Payment Option: For those who haven’t shopped online may find shopping from an online store annoying due to difficulty in payment. On the contrary, online stores offer easy payment option through credit/ debit cards, Pay pal and cash on delivery.

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Purchase Skilcraft Products Online to Make Positive Difference to the Lives of People with Severe Disabilities

Created under the trade name ‘Skilcraft’, National Industries for the blind is an organization set-up under the Wagner-O’day Act of 1938 for creating employment opportunities for blind, as well as severely disabled Americans. Products bearing the Skilcraft brand are commonly used by the federal government, as well as the military personnel and are easily available at your local exchange or commissary.

By purchasing Skilcraft products online or from your local commissary, you can make a positive difference to the lives of all such people. In fact, every purchase made by you contributes towards the betterment of these people. The Skilcraft line of products include more than 3000 products including office supplies, medical supplies, janitorial equipment’s, uniforms, tools and more. Skilcraft products are easily available and can be ordered through authorized dealers and base supply centers.
Base Supply Centers

Managed by the non-profit organizations that are a part of the AbilityOne program, Base Supply Centers are retail outlets that are located in the United States on military installations.
Authorized Ability One Distributors

The Committee for Purchase approves the Authorized AbilityOne Distributors. This channel comprises of network of office product dealers, wholesalers and small independent businesses.
However, if you are looking to buy Skilcrafts Products Online, you can easily purchase them from, which is one-stop shop for the entire line of Skilcraft products with a standard next day delivery for all AbilityOne products. GSA Global Supply website managed by GSA is yet another point that offers you access to approximately 400,000 office supplies, tools, computer products and other items for purchase.
Purchasing products from GSA Global Supply ensures that you get products that meet socio-economic regulations and government acquisition policies. Apart from this, Department of Defense electronic mall (DoD EMALL) and GSA Advantage, which is an internet-based shopping service are two online shops where you can shop for wide range of products at competitive prices and convenient delivery terms.

Wherever you decide to purchase from, shopping online endows you with several other benefits apart from comfort, convenience and affordability such as easy payment option, plethora of choices and free shipping. 

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Purchase Abilityone Office Supplies to Empower People with Significant Disabilities

The Ability One Program was set up under the Wagner-O’Day Act that was passed in 1938. This socioeconomic program has become one of the largest providers of employment opportunities to people who are blind or with significant disabilities so as to empower them to manufacture and sell wide array of quality products and services to federal customers. Administered by the U.S. AbilityOne Commission – an independent Federal agency, the program is supported by non-profit agencies including National Industries for the Blind (NIB) and NISH (National Industries for the severely handicapped).


General Services Administration (GSA). The Skilcraft brand of products are manufactured under the AbilityOne Network, which includes more than 3,000 products including office supplies, medical supplies, janitorial equipment, tools, etc. AbilityOne extends more than 320 office supply items and furniture product that have become extremely popular among-st the Federal customers.
AbilityOne office supplies and products could now be availed online at besides being available by phone, fax, or email. With the availability of various authorized distributors and shipping methods, Ability one products are available for next day delivery wherever and whenever they are needed, in the U.S. and across the globe.
You can avail the following benefits, if you opt to purchase Office Supplies from an online retailer:
Ensuring Smooth supply of Logistics: To ensure smooth functioning of your office operations, regular supply of office supply items should be available. Online shopping allows you to stock up your office with these products by purchasing them in bulk that too at highly affordable prices.
Wide Selection of Products: You get the option to select and buy from a wide range of products that are available in different price range, brand and product type. You do not have to hop from one outlet to the other to find your desired product.
Comfort and Convenience: The best advantage of shopping online is convenience. You do not have to travel all the way to a retail outlet to make a purchase. All you require having is a computer with an internet connection and you are ready to shop your desired products right from the comfort of your home.
All this and more is sufficient to convince you to purchase Abilityone Office Supplies from an online store.

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Why Should You Purchase NIB Products Online?

NIB (National Industries for Blind) is one of the nonprofit agencies that were chosen by the Committee for Purchase for offering training and employment opportunities to the blind and severely disabled people. The Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act signed in 1938 requires the US government to purchase products manufactured by the blind and disabled people of America.

In fact, both NIB and NISH has become the country’s largest employer for the disabled and blind and are selling products under the AbilityOne Program and with the Skilcraft brand name. These products are distributed and sold by authorized distributors through retail, as well as online channels. So, if you are looking to buy NIB products online, you have a wide array of products to choose from such as office supplies, cleaning supplies, tools, and hardware and computer accessories.
NIB and its associated agencies have at present employed more than 5,600 blind people and have also generated hundreds of new jobs. Purchasing NIB products thus promotes a good cause by making a positive difference in the lives of severely disabled people. You can either opt to order them through any of the authorized distributors or buy them online.
Here are some of the benefits of purchasing NIB Products Online:

Convenience: Shopping products from an online store saves you the stress and effort of visiting a physical outlet. You can order products right from your home or office and at any hour of the day. All your products will be delivered at your doorsteps.
Cost-effectiveness: Purchasing from an online store always provides you with significant cost benefits. Online stores make cost savings on overhead costs such as office space rentals, employee salaries, etc. The savings are passed over to customers in form of deals and discounts.
Wide Assortment of Products: Online shopping allows customers to shop from a wide range of products that are categorized under different brands, price range and type. With the few clicks of a mouse, you can select and purchase your desired products.

Easy Payment Options: Once the products are added to the shopping cart, you can make payment through options such as credit/ debit cards, pay pal, and cash on delivery, which ensures easy and secure mode of payment.

These are some reasons that make shopping online a preferred buying option for customers looking for great shopping experience.

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Why Should You Spruce UP Your Office With Skilcraft Office Furniture?

Furniture’s are an essential aspect of a home or corporate office. Choosing the right office furniture is equally important as putting effort in finding the right office location or space. Apart from the right design of the furniture, there are certain aspects that need to be borne in mind before zeroing upon some of them. Choosing furniture need not have to be a difficult task. All you got to do is consider the following factors while choosing office furniture. Have a look:

Comfort: While choosing office furniture, it is important to give ample consideration to comfort of employees. Office desks and chairs should have a design that offers comfortable sitting so that employees enjoy a relaxing time as they work.
The Position of the Employee in the Company: The job title can be a great determining factor when choosing furniture for your office. The options might vary from choosing furniture for a general employee, IT professional or for an employee holding managerial position. Depending on each employees profile and job requirement suitable office furniture should be purchased.
Aesthetic Look and Feel: Contemporary and modern designed furniture’s can add to the aesthetic appeal of your office. A good set of furniture can offer the perfect look to your office in a way that will impress your potential clients when they visit your office. In a nutshell, the office furniture you purchase should replicate the company’s culture and brand image.

Space Availability: It is important to purchase office furniture depending upon the available office space. Prior to purchasing furniture for your office, make sure to measure the size of the office so as to determine the allocation of space for every piece of furniture purchased. This will help you to avoid the possibility of buying either too large or small for the space.
Cost: The cost of the furniture is an important factor that needs to be given due consideration. It is important to select furniture’s that not just falls within your budget but should also be of premium quality. Purchasing furniture’s from reputed brands such as Skilcraft can afford you with both quality as well as affordability.
So, purchase Skilcraft Office Furniture from retail or online outlets to spruce up your office.

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Reasons Why You Should Buy Office Stationery Online?

Office stationery items are most important accessories for significant office operations. In fact, every workplace requires the availability of various stationery items with very important role in carrying out some very crucial work-space functions in the most efficient way. As a business owner, you must assess and learn about the most frequently used stationery items in work-spaces. Apparently, you would like to stock up your office with these items from a reliable office stationery supplier. When looking to buy stationery items, make sure that they’re best fit for the job and are of right quality and comfort you wish for.


However, finding the right supplier that can fulfill all your office procurement needs whilst ensure highest quality standard at affordable prices can be hard to come by. With ibsupply as your supplier of office products, you can set your worries apart as you will be able to seek assistance from dedicated account managers who will understand your needs and offer the best possible solution as per your specific office needs. From basic items such as pen, pencil, highlighters etc, to more complex items such as computers, projectors, and binding machine, you will be able to avail everything you need at the most competitive prices.

Here are some reasons why Buying Office Stationery Online could be the best bet for your business:

•    Discounted as well as Reasonable deals: Apart from occasional deals and discounts, online retailers offer products at reasonable rates as compared to their brick and mortar counterparts that can reduce your overall expense.
•    A range of products to choose from: The best thing about shopping online is that you can look forward to wide range of products that can satiate all your office needs.

•    Convenient Shopping: Online office supply stores provide you with the facility of placing orders at any point of time (day or night). You can also make easy payment through net banking or credit cards. You can figure out the online experiences of other customers by reading customer feedback’s and reviews.

With all that said, you are all set to Buy Office Stationery Online, which in turn can provide you with significant cost savings while improve the efficiency and productivity of your office.