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Purchase Nib/Nish Office Supplies to Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Blind and Disabled People

The AbilityOne program established under the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act signed in 1938, directs the federal government to purchase products manufactured by the blind and severely disabled Americans. Implemented by the committee of purchase (an independent federal agency) this legislation seeks to provide training and employment opportunities to blind and disabled people and enable them to earn a living in a dignified way. The AbilityOne program engages the services of a large number of non-profit organizations with NIB (National Industries for Blind) and NISH (National Industries for severely disabled) as the two prime, non-profit organizations chosen by the committee for coordinating government purchases from a number of independent organizations.


The AbilityOne Program meets the demands of Federal offices through a line of products including office supplies and furnishings. From notepads and pen, to printer cartridges and computer accessories, these non-profit agencies manufacture everything that federal customers require to get the job done. This network of non-profit agency manufacturers functioning under the AbilityOne network offers more than 320 lines of products encompassing around 3,000 individual SKILCRAFT products. The success of Skilcraft and other products & services has established NIB/NISH and associated non-profit agencies as the country’s largest employer of visually impaired and physically challenged people. Some of the products offered include NIB/NISH office supplies, hardware, computer accessories, cleaning and janitorial equipment’s and more.

When you order NIB/NISH Products or other products manufactured through the AbilityOne Program, you fulfill your mission requirements while make a positive difference to the society. The best thing about these products is that you can avail these products at a fair market price that is established by the committee. Products and services provided by the participating non-profit agencies should conform to the applicable Government standards and specifications. However, if the quality of services or supplies received is below the satisfactory level, necessary actions as defined in the order shall be undertaken.

You can order these products either through AbilityOne authorized distributors or simply purchase them online. There is plethora of benefits of purchasing online including comfort, convenience, easy payment options, free shipping and much more, which in turn can provide you with an enjoyable shopping experience. 



Ibsupply offers AbilityOne and other quality products,including office supplies, Paper And Notebook, Ink and Toner, Office Furniture, Computer Stores, Cleaning products and much more.

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