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Purchase Skilcraft Products Online to Make Positive Difference to the Lives of People with Severe Disabilities

Created under the trade name ‘Skilcraft’, National Industries for the blind is an organization set-up under the Wagner-O’day Act of 1938 for creating employment opportunities for blind, as well as severely disabled Americans. Products bearing the Skilcraft brand are commonly used by the federal government, as well as the military personnel and are easily available at your local exchange or commissary.

By purchasing Skilcraft products online or from your local commissary, you can make a positive difference to the lives of all such people. In fact, every purchase made by you contributes towards the betterment of these people. The Skilcraft line of products include more than 3000 products including office supplies, medical supplies, janitorial equipment’s, uniforms, tools and more. Skilcraft products are easily available and can be ordered through authorized dealers and base supply centers.
Base Supply Centers

Managed by the non-profit organizations that are a part of the AbilityOne program, Base Supply Centers are retail outlets that are located in the United States on military installations.
Authorized Ability One Distributors

The Committee for Purchase approves the Authorized AbilityOne Distributors. This channel comprises of network of office product dealers, wholesalers and small independent businesses.
However, if you are looking to buy Skilcrafts Products Online, you can easily purchase them from, which is one-stop shop for the entire line of Skilcraft products with a standard next day delivery for all AbilityOne products. GSA Global Supply website managed by GSA is yet another point that offers you access to approximately 400,000 office supplies, tools, computer products and other items for purchase.
Purchasing products from GSA Global Supply ensures that you get products that meet socio-economic regulations and government acquisition policies. Apart from this, Department of Defense electronic mall (DoD EMALL) and GSA Advantage, which is an internet-based shopping service are two online shops where you can shop for wide range of products at competitive prices and convenient delivery terms.

Wherever you decide to purchase from, shopping online endows you with several other benefits apart from comfort, convenience and affordability such as easy payment option, plethora of choices and free shipping. 



Ibsupply offers AbilityOne and other quality products,including office supplies, Paper And Notebook, Ink and Toner, Office Furniture, Computer Stores, Cleaning products and much more.

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