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How to Ensure a Germ-Free Office by Skilcraft desk cleaner

An average person touches about 300 surfaces in 30 minutes. This means they are exposed to over 840,000 germs in half an hour! Think about all those things that you touch all day in your office without thinking – shared surfaces in conference rooms, the pantry, doorknobs, the printer or photocopier, colleagues’ workstation and more. You may be unknowingly touching and spreading an army of germs every day. And even though it is difficult to avoid them, you can ensure your health and safety by adopting the following measures. Here are some useful tips for keeping your office clean and hygienic. In the meanwhile, be wary of what you touch next.

  • Wash hand regularly and use hand sanitizer

Before eating something (or just whenever you get the chance), pop into the bathroom to and wash your hands. You may also use a hand sanitizer to minimize the risk of spreading germs if you can’t take a break from your busy schedule. Keep it on your desk, in the meeting rooms and at the reception.

  • Avoid eating at the desk

Food crumbs on the desk tend to encourage growth of bacteria. Thousands of germs lurking on the desk can give you cold, food poisoning or gastroenteritis.

Skilcraft desk cleaner

  • Take extra precautions if employees are ill

We all know that sneezing and coughing can spread germs that can be caught by other employees. It is in the best interest of the office to give sick leave to staff members who are under the weather. Else, others are likely to catch their germs from common contaminated surfaces. Germs can survive on these surfaces for as long as 72 hours so make sure you regularly clean them with an effective solution like the aerosol Skilcraft desk cleaner. Diligent cleaning and sanitizing helps decrease incidents of flue by almost 80%.

  • Have those computers cleaned

You may also use the Skilcraft desk cleaner to wipe clean your personal computer and its hardware. This is a necessary step since study has revealed that your keyboard may have more germs than your toilet seat! Shocking, right? It is time to minimize the threat spread by germs. Spray clean the monitors, mouse, keyboard, printer, desk, chair etc. so you can forget about germs and continue working productively.



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