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Top 4 Advantages of Buying Color Laser Printers for Office Use

A printer is an understated yet extremely useful piece of hardware accessorizing computers at work. Offices often invest a fair amount of time and money in buying color printers but some get stalled when it comes to choosing between the inkjet model and the laser printers. And even though an inkjet printer is good for printing photos, there are several other benefits of buying a good quality color laser printer for office use. Some of them are listed below:

The Ink Doesn’t Smudge

Printed documents with smeared ink can look unprofessional. Fortunately, you have the best color laser printers available in the market today that use laser toner that is made to stick to paper using static electricity and is fused with it by heating. Unlike inkjet printers, there is no wet ink that can smudge in case the paper is exposed to moisture or sweaty fingers. The result is a legible document showing crisp text or clear graphics.

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Cost Per Page

The upfront cost of laser printers has majorly plummeted over the years, making them affordable and in the same price range as most high-end inkjet printers. The difference in cost can be observed at the time of replacing the toner cartridges as the cartridges for color laser printer can cost more. However, prudent businessmen see long-term gains. The cost per page for laser printers is way lower as its cartridge produces many more pages than any inkjet cartridge! On an average, a laser cartridge prints more than 1500 pages while an inkjet cartridge lasts only up to 150 pages.

Large Print Jobs

Laser printers need to warm for getting that fuser hot and running, but once the laser printers are ready they can print 50% faster than any inkjet printer. Not only do color laser models print faster, their capacity for the paper tray is more too. Thus, you don’t need to constantly refill that paper tray during a high volume print task. Laser printers jam less and don’t cause disruption in the printing process.

Lower Maintenance

Upon changing the cartridge, inkjet printers demand the heads to be aligned properly so the print quality is precise. It must be cleaned regularly and the ink may dry out in the moving parts of your printer, thus making inkjet printers difficult and costly to maintain. Laser printers don’t need any additional work or precision. Its toner is a special dry powder and so doesn’t create any cleaning problems at all.

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