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Categorizing Essential Office Supplies to Boost Productivity at Work

This following article will help you streamline your ordering processes when you buy supplies from an online office supply store. Use these essential guidelines to keep a close track of what you order, how much you use and how often you have to re-purchase those items. This way, you get to spend less and save more.Plus, you become fully aware so you ensure that the office is fully stocked, always.

ib pA productive office doesn’t always consist of computers and printers. From small items like pens to the bigger ones like office chairs, desks and other furniture, the everyday office supplies are essential and come in handy to keep the workplace running smoothly.
Let us take a look at how to judiciously sort the office supplies for you to eventually order and use.

1. Supplies to use daily

Keep items you use frequently in a day (like stationery) within an arm’s reach so you can eliminate unnecessary trips to that supply closet. Invest in a desk organizer to save the desk from getting too cluttered.

2. Supplies to keep in the desk drawer

Keep the items that are used just once a day in a week in the drawer of your workstation desk. These items may include staple refills, rolls of tape, etc. The idea is to keep them out of view and focus on the work at hand.

3. Things to keep in a supply closet

Rarely-used things can be labeled and kept away in the supply closet. The availability of space in this closet is the biggest indicator of whether you have run out of supplies or have not used much of an item if it quantities are lying there unused. This helps you order accordingly.

But if the items are not labeled, you can be hard-pressed to recall what you have run out of. Stop the guess work as it wastes precious office time. Invest in a label printer and organize your supply closet.

4. A master list for all office supplies

Compile a master list that fits in all the office supplies of the company. It will help you order judiciously and keep track of how much of it is being used or wasted and the pattern of purchases for specific items. Once you compile this important information, you will always be well stocked with the right office supplies.



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